Call for Papers | "buten und binnen – wagen und winnen"

From 15.06. to 18.06.2021 the 109th Deutscher Bibliothekartag will take place at the Bremen Exhibition Center under the motto ‘buten und binnen – wagen und winnen‘. Organizers* are the BIB – Berufsverband Information Bibliothek e.V. and the VDB – Verein Deutscher Bibliothekarinnen und Bibliothekare e.V.

The Bibliothekartag takes place – but in a different way: We combine digital elements with an on-site reference event on three full days: Tuesday to Thursday live and on-site, Friday completely digital.

‘wagen und winnen’ will accompany us in the planning of the physically taking place Librarians’ Day in the next weeks and months; the hygiene standards valid for the next year will certainly be adhered to, we are planning in different scenarios! The space available in Bremen is generous, the number of participants will probably be limited, digital elements are also planned parallel to the on-site program.

We expect to be able to meet you personally in Bremen. For this, we need planning security and ask you to dare something together with us and to register early in the next few weeks (regardless of whether you participate in the Call for Papers as a potential speaker).

Early registration means that we are now offering you the I’m-in-ticket: This voucher is a binding day ticket, which you can use next year

  • on the one hand, you can set your desired day (the physical Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or the virtual Friday) until 31 March
  • on the other hand, it also gives you the opportunity to upgrade your day ticket to a full congress ticket (subject to availability) after the official end of the early-booking period until 13 May at the early-booking price.

In any case, it ensures you (in case you cannot or do not want to decide earlier) at least the participation in the ‘virtual Friday’! Both associations have had to pay high cancellation fees as organizers* in 2020; for Bremen it is important – in order to guarantee the existence of the Bibliothekartag in the long term – to avoid this. We need your collegial support in order to be able to implement the plans for the Bibliothekartag in Bremen in a binding and financially secure manner. Take advantage of this offer!

The organizers will prepare a larger part of the program themselves when planning this Bibliothekartag. Only in this way can time and space planning, hygiene measures and costs be brought into a good relationship. And of course, as always, there will be a Call for Papers – this time only a little later than usual.

P.S.: Of course there will also be a Covid19 version of the congress party – without dancing and probably outside on the exhibition grounds. The companies will also present themselves again in Bremen.


Presentations can be submitted from now until 02 February 2021. With seven topics, the Bibliothekartag in Bremen addresses different target groups and areas of interest – all about new and old challenges for us, our institutions and our cooperation partners*. In addition, lectures on the management of “Corona challenges” will be considered. As organizers, we primarily call upon you, our colleagues as experts from academic and public libraries or information institutions as well as representatives of relevant associations to submit proposals for lectures and panel discussions on the following topics [1]

Subject area 1: Political and social challenges (here also: Covid19 topics)

Subject area 2: Library as a physical place

Subject area 3: Training, further education & personnel development

Subject area 4: Technology and IT infrastructure

Topic 5: Content and digitization

Subject area 6: Research data and research-related services

Topic 7: Management and organization

General information on abstract submission

Submission is only possible online, other ways of submission will not be considered, nor will incomplete submissions (without abstract or without indication of the discussant or the discussion leader, without indication of the speaker, the target groups and the time/space requirements).

Proposals for events are requested in the form of an abstract of maximum 2,000 characters (including spaces). The title may not exceed 125 characters. The organizers* also reserve the right to edit titles. Please provide a short biography of max. 300 characters, preferably with a link to the submitted abstract. Please also indicate the expected space requirements and the target group for your events. Please remember not to overload the lectures and prepare your presentation in a readable and brief manner.

In evaluating the submissions, we will be guided by the following criteria:

Scientific quality
Practical relevance
Publication of the lectures

By registering their contribution, the speakers* agree that the abstracts of accepted papers will be made available on the online publication server of the Bibliothekartag until the beginning of the 109th Deutscher Bibliothekartag (BIB-OPUS,

It is also planned that speakers submit the long version of their lecture or their presentation online in good time before their lecture – this time there will be no media acceptance on site. The online publication will take place immediately after the congress. Details will be communicated to the speakers with the acceptance of their presentation.

Selected lectures will be published after the Deutscher Bbiliothekartag either in the Open Access journal “o-bib” of the VDB or in BuB (online and / or print). Speakers whose papers are intended for publication are asked by the respective editors to send their manuscripts to the editors shortly after the end of the conference. Further details will be communicated to the speakers with the acceptance of their presentation.

Information about the Different Types of Event

Individual lectures

In order to allow sufficient time for discussion, a maximum of 15 minutes of speaking time is available for individual presentations. Only individual presentations can be submitted, not lecture blocks. If there is a content-related connection between several lectures, please indicate this in the comment field when submitting.

Due to the limited speaking time, a maximum of two speakers per lecture can be considered. These will both be displayed in the list of speakers. All other authors and/or speakers can only be presented directly in the abstract.

If a moderator is suggested for one or more lectures, please name him/her. Speakers receive free admission. If more than one speaker is proposed, only one person will be given this preference.

Company lectures and product presentations

Companies are asked to present their products by means of company presentations and to seek dialogue with customers. The booking of company presentations, exhibition space and sponsoring services is done via the online booking system “Exhibition and Sponsoring Ordering System (ESOS™)”. Your contact person is Ms. Alexandra Krohn at Further information and the corresponding conditions can be found in the Exhibitor and Sponsor Handbook under the heading Company Lectures.

General Meetings

With the exception of general meetings, the plan is to move working sessions to a digital librarian’s day service. The registration for general meetings is done by the respective committee.

Please note: With the exception of the general meetings of BIB, VDB and dbv, access to the general meetings on the congress site is only possible for registered congress visitors*.

Panel Discussions

In panel discussions, one topic is to be discussed controversially. Each participant pursues a thesis, which he/she briefly presents at the beginning of the discussion. During the course of the discussion the audience participates.

Podiums with more than five participants plus a moderator are not planned.

Panel discussions will last between 90 minutes and two hours. In the abstract, please name the (controversial) theses as well as the discussing persons and the leader of the discussion. The moderator* of the respective discussion will receive free admission.

Panelists who do not come from the BID context and bring an external perspective to the discussion can be granted free admission by means of a free day ticket (by e-mail to “”). There is no entitlement to this service.

What will not take place:

At the Bibliothekartag in Bremen, we will not provide on-site working sessions. For Hand-on-Labs we are currently working on a separate virtual format, poster and clip presentations will take place virtually, and the associations’ podium will also probably be realized in digital form on the attendance days.

Dates and Contact

The submission of contributions is possible from 01.12.2020 – 02.02.2021.

Authors will be notified until the end of March 2021.


For further information on the program, please contact Mrs. Kelly Reitz of K.I.T. Group (+49-30-24603427 or

1] If the Bibliothekartag cannot take place on site, it is planned to let the program take place virtually. Your willingness as a lecturer*r is a prerequisite for this; this will also be asked for at the time of submission.